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            1.       What should you expect at your first appointment?

If you've never seen a speech pathologist before, the initial session will typically involve an assessment lasting 50-60 minutes. During this time, the speech pathologist will ask you several questions to better understand your concerns and background. Following this, you or your child will be guided through various tasks tailored to address the primary speech or language concerns identified.


2.       What do you need to prepare for your appointment?

You can gather any details about your speech or language concerns, as the speech pathologist will inquire about them during the first session. If you have any relevant reports or notes, please bring them along or share them in advance. If the appointment is for a child who may be anxious or prone to boredom, consider bringing along their favorite toy or object to help keep them engaged and comfortable.


3.       I’m not sure if my child needs speech therapy. How can they benefit?

If you've never consulted with a speech pathologist before, or if you've seen one previously but are unsure if your child still needs assistance, it's advisable to undergo a speech assessment. This evaluation helps determine whether your child's speech development aligns with typical milestones for their age and whether speech therapy is necessary.


4.       How old does my child need to be before beginning speech therapy?
Your child can begin speech therapy as early as 18 months if delays are suspected. It's crucial to start therapy promptly once concerns arise to leverage the critical period of development. Early intervention can prevent academic and social challenges, maximize progress, reduce frustration and anxiety related to communication difficulties, and prevent secondary challenges from emerging.


5.       Do you accept insurance?

Speech pathology services are typically covered under extended health benefits, but the specifics of your coverage will depend on your insurance plan. To understand the details of your coverage, you'll need to contact your insurance company directly. At the Speech Wellness Centre, we offer direct billing for certain insurance companies. Please inquire about your specific insurance provider to determine if we can facilitate direct billing for your sessions.